Success Stories

Katie Styles - Hibbert Harwood

Kate Styles


During my placement at Hibbert Harwood I have gained employability skills by shadowing the people I work with and developing the skills I learn within the Bath Studio School but use these towards a company or client. I have also learned more within software like Photoshop and using social media platforms and how to determine how a client wants to promote their products and the language they use within their social media to target an audience. I have thought about my time management and being trusted to complete real projects for clients.

This whole experience at Hibbert Harwood has allowed me to gather more transferable skills which can be used in the future as they all help towards any sector I want to work in.


 David Lubinski -  Curo (IT Support)

David Lubinski


During the past year my placement has been with Curo.

The department that I work in, is the IT department. We specialise in keeping employee’s computers in check and making sure that Curo’s client’s profiles are always up to date. I’ve learnt how to develop a website, using C++ and Java, through this I’ve modified the description within the text and the colour on the website. As well as this I’ve learnt how to work as part of a team and how to discuss ideas on how to move forward in the department.

I think Curo is a great company that’s allowed me to develop different skills and knowledge. I’m proud to say that throughout the past year the experience I’ve gained from Curo has been amazing.


 Harry Lisney - BIC – Video Editor

Harry Lisney

For my work placement I provide video editing service for the locally based football training company BIC. I help them by editing videos of previous matches for their head of video & media support.

He has given me videos of previous matches of students he coaches, I then am to edit them to a standard that replicates a professionally edited video. This helps me because I can then use my finished products and use them as evidence for my editing coursework. Another way this benefits me is that through editing these videos I then improve my skills in editing and helps me become a more favourable candidate for any video production companies.