Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for your Business:

We believe that the benefits to business of creating a cohort of young people who are work-ready are enormous. Here are some of the potential benefits to local business and organisations:

Students will be ready for work on day one – therefore making a positive impact on your business straight away

Students will be aware of your business and its demands – by being ready for the specific challenges you face, young people will be able to hit the ground running and add value immediately.

Students will be loyal and committed – creating a committed and motivated workforce with students understanding the culture and values of your business

Students will be focused on creating value – through project work, young people will already be focused on building capacity, profitability or productiveness. The commercial benefits are potentially enormous

Student involvement will reduce your recruitment costs – advertising, interviewing, trialling, and taking young people through probationary periods can be expensive

We will support you – our highly-trained staff will work with you to recruit and select young people most suited to your business. We will work with you to understand your requirements and to match them with the young professionals who we feel will not only support your business but greatly benefit from the opportunity being provided to them

There would be the opportunity for your own staff to train in mentoring/supervisory skills and gain accreditation for the support they offer to our students.

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