Course Title: Photography 

Exam Board and Specification No.  AQA GCSE Art and Design:  Photography

Why is this subject important, valuable and engaging?

A key issue in the recruitment of good graduates today is in employing people who don’t just have academic ability, but are able to use their knowledge by being independent creative -thinkers.  Photography is not just about taking Photographs; it is about developing confidence in researching, experimenting, reflecting and responding; all of the core skills required to be an independent creative.

Students will get the opportunity to specialise in their chosen skills and themes, which will help students enjoy and engage more with their work.

What do I need to have studied, or have knowledge of, before I begin this course?

There are no requirements to start this course. 


What will I learn on this course?

In Component 1 and Component 2 students are required to work in one or more area(s) of photography, such as those listed below: 


location photography 

studio photography 

experimental imagery 


documentary photography 


moving image: lm, video and animation 

fashion photography


What key skills will I develop?

Within the context of photography, students must demonstrate the ability to: 

1) Use photographic techniques and processes, appropriate to students’ personal intentions, for example: 




depth of field 

shutter speed and movement 

use of enlarger 

chemical and/or digital processes 

2) Use media and materials, as appropriate to students' personal intentions, for example: 


photographic papers 

chemicals appropriate to darkroom practices 

digital media, programs and related technologies 

graphic media for purposes such as storyboarding, planning and constructing shoots


How will I be assessed? (details of examinations/coursework)

Students are assed on two components
Component: Portfolio:  This is 60% of the overall grade.

1  A sustained project developed in response to a subject, theme, task or brief evidencing the journey from initial engagement with an idea(s) to the realisation of intentions. 

2  A selection of further work resulting from activities such as trials and experiments; skills-based workshops; mini and/or foundation projects; responses to gallery, museum or site visits; work placements; independent study and evidence of the student’s specific role in any group work undertaken. 

Component 2: Externally set assignment This is 40% of the overall grade

AQA will provide a separate externally set assignment for each title, each with seven different starting points. Students must select and respond to one starting point from their chosen title. 

What could this course lead to?

Students could go onto to do any creative BTEC or A level course.


What additional events, trips or enrichment activities does this course include?

Trips have included visits to The National Portraits gallery, The Photographers Gallery’s in London and Bristol/Bath Galleries and museums.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?