Course Title: Music

Exam Board and Specification No. Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Music 

Why is this subject important, valuable and engaging?

This qualification is designed to give you an understanding and practical experience of the modern commercial music industry whilst developing transferable creative, enterprise and technical skills. We use an exciting record company based approach that puts you at the centre of the music making process as you develop your ability to express yourself in music and the music industry and related industries. You will develop a practical & experiential understanding of a range of music industry skills with songwriting at the heart of the course. Depending on the course option you choose you will gain knowledge and skills in areas such as songwriting, lyric writing, music production, performance, industry skills, music PR, music marketing and so on. You will have most of your lessons at professional music rehearsal and recording studios Stage 2 Studios in Bath. You will have the opportunity to shoot a music video in our fully equipped TV studio, and you will gain experience in performing live (or promoting) in professional music venues such as Moles, Komedia, Chapel Arts etc. This course is designed around the central idea that you are the creative ideas person signed to a label (or running a label) and you are encouraged to write, record and perform original songs and develop your online music career creating online content as you develop your own unique style. Commercial music is a not just a huge multi billion pound industry in its own right but also a vital part of the games, TV, Film, advertising and radio industries. Please note these courses are based on the multi billion pounds commercial music industry and NOT the more classical style courses where music theory and orchestral style music is preferred.

What do I need to have studied, or have knowledge of, before I begin this course?

A good base for this course would be GCSE Music or a love of performing, DJing, producing etc. You should have the confidence to play an instrument, sing, rap, DJ and/or present your music productions.

This course is an ideal combination for musicians choosing to enrol on our highly successful TV & Film course which is run by the same teacher. You will be able to combine subjects for industry standard products including creating soundtracks and sound design for your films and creating music videos for your original songs. 

Experience in Art, Music, Photography, Technology or Design subjects would be advantageous for this course.

What will I learn on this course?

This course is designed to provide you with a captivating and informative introduction to the role and increasing influence of music in the mass media industry in society today. You will develop a critical understanding of creating and promoting music media through engagement with the real life music industry, and through the creative application of creative skills. This course will allow you to develop a broad portfolio of music and/or experience to support applications to university, industry placements and to employment. 

This course will explore production processes, technologies and other relevant contexts whilst developing your ability to work in teams, work independently and other transferable skills.

Alongside writing and recording original songs, performing live and promoting music you will have the opportunity to develop specialist skills such as creating soundtracks for the TV, film and games industries. Furthermore our music students can work in projects with students from other courses eg working with film students, journalists and design students. Our students gain valuable real world music industry experience with gigs at professional venues such as Moles, Komedia, Chapel Arts, Walcot Chapel and Bath International Music Festival. 

What key skills will I develop?

You will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals such as sound engineers, recording engineers, venue managers and rehearsal studio staff and to learn key industry skills from them. You will develop your ability to create original intellectual property and enterprise skills such as creative thinking, organising and planning, teamwork, negotiation, communication, decision-making, leadership, creativity, financial literacy, problem solving, product and service design, marketing, promotion and subject specific skills to the course option you choose such as audio processing, production skills, music technology skills, songwriting skills, performance techniques etc.

You will also have the opportunity to use technical equipment such as recording mix consoles, live sound mixing consoles, PA systems, music software Logic Pro and a range of music equipment. You are expected to bring your own instrument unless you are a singer/rapper/producer/DJ.

How will I be assessed? (details of examinations/coursework)

This qualification is equivalent in size to either one or two A Levels depending on the option you choose. (please be aware that the course options may be limited due to demand and other factors out of our control). You will primarily be graded on creating, performing and recording original music. If you choose the industry option you are graded on projects such as organising and managing gigs, launching acts and songs, promotion and marketing etc. You will be assessed on other enterprise skills such as teamwork, professionalism, and creativity. You will also be graded on being able to write about music and the music industry.

Units in the following areas:

Music Performance

Music marketing and promotion

Music soundtracks for film

Music production

Recording Music

Music Technology

What could this course lead to?

The qualification has been designed in consultation with employers and will support application to entry level roles within digital publishing or to further training and apprenticeships where appropriate. The focus on technical skills allows students to apply for roles such as:


Recording Artist

Music programmer


Radio DJ

Radio producer

Performing musician

Role at music publishing company

Role at record label

This course can also progress into higher education and full degree courses for example:


Music Technology

Electronic music

Popular music

Commercial music

Creative Media Production

Soundtrack Production 

Music production 

Music Journalism

What additional events, trips or enrichment activities does this course include?

Potential trips include weekly trips to professional music rehearsal and recording studios, termly performance opportunities at professional venues such as Moles, Komedia and Chapel Arts, visiting Media production companies such as the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London and the BBC studios in Bristol. There are also opportunities to go abroad and explore in places such New York. 

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?