Results & Performance

BSS Digital Media and Film Academy is a highly successful comprehensive school for students from 14-19 years old. Our students are a pleasure to work with; creative, professional, empathetic and fun, they continually challenge themselves to achieve personal targets and ensure they are ready for their future careers.

This is acompanied by a team of dedicated and passionate staff who are driven to deliver a curriculum that is accessible to all,  to help students develop socially and emotionally and empower them to achieve their dreams. We have high expectations and as a result of our innovative and enriching curriculum, students become confident and enthusiastic learners, develop varied creative and academic talents and are caring and valuable people.

As a school we continually strive and improve on our previous best, never taking our success for granted. Last year our 6th form was rated "Good" by Ofsted. The foundation of this is from our 100% A Level pass rate (A* - E) and our 100% BTEC pass rate (D* - P), a result that we are very proud of. Our 6th form photography results are the best in Bath. We are equally as proud of our GCSE students who make excellent progress and develop socially and emotionally acquiring skills of leadership and teamwork.

We are proud of the members of our community, our facilities and our standards of achievement and believe that every student should and can flourish whilst in our care and help contribute to a happy and purposeful school environment based on an inclusive culture of mutual respect.  

Ofsted Report 2017:

Key findings:

"Pupils behave in a calm, mature fashion. They respect each other and their environment. Pupils have consideration for each other’s views and are tolerant of difference."

"Pupils in the school are looked after well. The open culture and ‘family feel’ of the school mean that pupils are known as individuals and provided with the pastoral support they need."

"Provision for students in the sixth form is good. Students are taught well, enjoy their experience and achieve good academic outcomes."

"The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Teachers cultivate positive relationships with pupils. As a result, mutual respect characterises classrooms, which helps pupils to feel safe and comfortable in the learning environment."

"Teachers understand their subjects well so that they are able to bring a strong degree of subject knowledge to bear in the activities and work tasks that are set."

"Pupils are calm, quiet and considerate as they move around the school site. They respect their environment so that the building is still as pristine as when it opened."

"The school environment aims to encourage pupils to see learning as a dynamic and exciting process. Displays and inspirational quotations from important figures present these positive messages through the medium of the school’s specific context. As such, they promote innovation, entrepreneurship and technology." 

"The creative aspects of the school’s curriculum provide good opportunities for pupils to develop investigative, exploratory skills with links to the world of work."

Areas for development at KS4:

"Pupils do not make enough progress from their starting points in some subjects, particularly English and mathematics, during their time in key stage 4."

"While staff are working hard to reduce absence, it is still too high. Too many pupils are persistently absent."

"The support provided by governors, the multiacademy trust and other external partners has not resulted in school leaders raising achievement sufficiently in key stage 4."

We are working with staff, governers and parents on our school improvement agenda (SIP & SEF) which is driven through self-evaluation and reflective practice. We understand our strengths and areas to improve and we strive to be meet our objectives at a rapid pace. 

We have developed and communicated the main points of the school imporvement plan to senior, middle and subject leaders, so that everyone is clear about our aims and objectives and how to meet them. We provide a supportive environment to help develop the identified strategies to ensure the school achieves its maximum potential.

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