GCSE Courses

Our courses are wide ranging and challenging, supported by skilled and enthusiastic staff. The induction programme, comprehensive range of courses and enrichment opportunities are tailored towards developing creative and independent students who are well equipped to maximise their potential and be able to adapt to a fast changing world. Students will continue to grow during their time here, not only academically but personally. 

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Our form tutors provide pastoral and wellbeing care for every student. The Head of KS4 provides another layer of support for each student. Tutors are charged with guiding around ten tutees through their time at BSS. The tutor's remit is wide, including supporting tutees' co-curricular interests, pastoral care, setting academic targets, and writing reports as well as guiding tutees through University applications and Careers advice (with help from our dedicated team of University, Gap Year and Careers experts). Pastoral care is reinforced by weekly Personal Social, Health and Economic tutoring which features a wide variety of professional speakers, seminars and tutorials. We take pride in providing excellent pastoral care and in preparing our pupils for the next stage of their lives.