Exam information

We wish our students the best of luck in their up and coming exams. Please find information and support regarding student exams below.

What can help at home?​


  • Regular sleep pattern​
  • Time curfew on electronic products​
  • Healthy diet, regular meals​
  • Reduction in high energy drinks​
  • A quiet place to work​
  • An expectation that some work will be done every day​
  • Asking questions, showing an interest, getting them to explain things to you​
  • Understanding and Patience – it is a stressful time!​


GCSE Maths:

Exam Board – Edexcel​

Three papers – 1 x Non-calculator and 2 x Calculator​

Paper 1 – Thursday 24th May​

Paper 2 – Thursday 7th June​

Paper 3 – Tuesday 12th June​

Strongly recommended that students have their own ​ scientific calculator for the two calculator papers.  


Combined Science: ​Trilogy (Double Award)

Written examination as follows:​

Biology: Two written exams​

Chemistry: Two written exams​

Physics: Two written exams​​

Each paper lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes and has equal value across the series​


GCSE English Language (AQA)​

Assessment: 2 written exams each worth 50% of final grade​

Paper 1 – Creative Reading and Writing (1 hour 45 mins)​

Section A: Reading​

A Modern fiction text to read and analyse​

Four questions (find the info/language analysis/structure analysis/evaluation)​

Total marks: 40​

Section B: Writing​

A choice of 1) a description based on an image​

2) a narrative story on a theme​

Total marks: 40​


Paper 2 – Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives (1 hour 45 mins)​

Section A: Reading​

Two texts of which one is modern and one pre-20th Century​

Four questions (true or false/comparative summary/language analysis/comparative evaluation)​

Total marks: 40​

Section B: Writing​

One task – argue/persuade on a given theme​

Total marks: 40


Please download our GCSE exam information presentation: