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Written by Charlotte, Yr 12, from Germany

The Bath Studio School works a lot with technology but it also add a lot of importance to teamwork and the cohesion of the students, the independent work and the associated progress are highly valued.

The teachers will support you where they can and help you with their knowledge . The school promotes your strengths and helps you with your weaknesses.

The school is a place where you can get the best out of yourself and concentrate on your creative side. In Digital Media we designed our own magazine cover and also our own advertising with posters and a website, everything we designed ourselves . You will work independently and often digitally BUT always with the support of the teachers and the students, who will all help you.

My Year Abroad

I choose to do a year abroad mainly to improve my English and to learn and get to know new people, traditions, and learn about different cultures from them. I come from Germany and have applied to an organization that sends students abroad and finds a great host family for them.

I am now already one month in Bath and feel settled and very happy.  Anyone who is thinking about doing a year abroad should be aware that time can be hard and you may feel alone and lonely. However you should remeber that this is a really exciting oppertunity to write your own story!

Charlotte R, Year 12.

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