What is a Studio School?

Studio Schools are the results of five years of work undertaken by The Studio Schools Trust in partnership with government, the country’s leading education agencies, local and national employers, parents and young people.

Academic excellence lies at the heart of the curriculum model. Studio Schools teach the national curriculum and will deliver the same key qualifications as traditional schools. What makes them unique is not what is delivered but how it is delivered.

Studio Schools pioneer an innovative approach to learning involving enterprise projects and paid work with local employers. Schools will reflect their local employment base and will offer qualifications which are valued by employers. Studio Schools focus on equipping young people not only with key academic and vocational qualifications but also with the broad range of employability and life skills they need to succeed.

Studio Schools are schools for young people aged 14-19 of all abilities. They offer a dynamic approach to learning, preparing young people with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in life. Studio School take education out of the classroom, with students learning in the real world through working in teams on projects designed to reflect genuine situations, and through weekly work placements with businesses. This helps them to develop the employability skills needed to succeed in life and work.

The Bath Studio School will be a member of a growing network of Studio Schools nationally that are grasping the employability agenda in the UK to prepare our young people to take their place in the global, competitive economic environment.