Headteachers Welcome


BSS Digital Media and Film Academy is a highly successful comprehensive school for students from 14-19 years old. Our students are a pleasure to work with; creative, professional, empathetic and fun, they continually challenge themselves to achieve personal targets and ensure they are ready for their future careers.

This is acompanied by a team of dedicated and passionate staff who are driven to deliver a curriculum that is accessible to all,  to help students develop socially and emotionally and empower them to achieve their dreams. We have high expectations and as a result of our innovative and enriching curriculum, students become confident and enthusiastic learners, develop varied creative and academic talents and are caring and valuable people.

As a school we continually strive and improve on our previous best, never taking our success for granted. Last year our 6th form was rated "Good" by Ofsted. The foundation of this is from our 100% A Level pass rate (A* - E) and our 100% BTEC pass rate (D* - P), a result that we are very proud of. Our 6th form photography results are the best in Bath. We are equally as proud of our GCSE students who make excellent progress and develop socially and emotionally acquiring skills of leadership and teamwork.

We are proud of the members of our community, our facilities and our standards of achievement and believe that every student should and can flourish whilst in our care and help contribute to a happy and purposeful school environment based on an inclusive culture of mutual respect.  

I would be delighted to hear from you and share my passion for the school.

Peter Headeach