Staff Profiles

We provide a rich curriculum which students can engage with. It allows them to ask questions and assist with personal deveopment. Our staff are dedicated and commited to providing an outstanding educational experience, where our students leave school equipped to do well in the next stage of their education, or when entering employment or training.

Staff and students have good relationships built on mutual respect. They have a sense of pride about the school and clearly understand the aims and ideology of our unique educational model.

Please find our staffing structure below. You can also find their contact details if you have any queries: 

 Mr Headeach
Clare Dare Parker Britton
Mrs Clare
Deputy Headteacher
Miss Dare
Head of Sixth Form
Marketing Director
Miss Parker
Head of Sixth Form
Creative Director
Mr Britton
Head of KS4
PRoberts Klein(01) LNoel Wilson
Mr Roberts
English and
Media Teacher
Miss Klein
Photography Teacher
Ms Noel
Business and IT Teacher
Mr Wilson
Photography Teacher
Lorraine Self Weedon KSlater Helen Whitley
 Ms Self
Mr Weedon
 Music, TV & Film and
Creative Media Teacher
Ms Slater
Attendance Officer
Ms Whitley
Operations Manager

This "Staff Profile" page and all subpages were developed by Henry James, one of our Year 13 Digital Publishing Students. All photo credits go to Becky Toogood, one of Miss Klein's Year 13 Photography students.


  • Head Teacher
    • Peter Headeach

      Peter Headeach

      Overall Strategic Direction for the School, recruit the highest quality staff and ensure the quality of teaching and learning is outstanding.

  • Deputy Headmistress

    There are currently no team members within this category, please check back at a later date.

  • Joint Head of Sixth Form and Marketing
    • Beth Parker

      Beth Parker

      Joint Head of Sixth Form and Marketing

    • Sam Dare

      Sam Dare

      Joint Head of Sixth Form and Marketing

  • Information, advice and guidance (IAG)
    • Operations Manager - Ms Whitley

      Operations Manager - Ms Whitley

      To have day to day leadership and management responsibility for the effective running of the school.

  • Support Staff
    • Support Staff

      Support Staff

      Ms Creevy, Finance Officer
      Ms Mars, Administration Officer
      Ms Self, Receptionist / Administration Assistant
      Ms Swanborough, Attendance and Community Events Officer
      Mr Vinodu, ICT Technician
      Ms Whitley, Exams Officer

  • Deputy Headteacher
    • Mrs Clare

      Mrs Clare

      Deputy Headteacher