Curriculum Overview

We are committed to offering a broad and balanced curriculum for all learners further information on academic as well a range of PHSE, sport and enrichment courses is included below.  For further information about the curriculum, please click on the course links or contact us to arrange a visit.

In order to meet the diverse, educational needs of all students here we offer a wide range of core and vocational subjects with small classes supported by personalised learning programmes to ensure students meet their target grades and make good progress.   All our students are closely monitored by our teaching and pastoral team which is overseen by the Learning Director.

When students embark on their journey with us we are committed to building the confidence, enthusiasm and skills they will need to continue in education or training when they leave here.  In line with our high expectations, the students experience a broad, bespoke curriculum that suits their individual needs and enhances their life chances.


Students will commence their curriculum with a three day residential team building event at the start of the year. In addition Physical Education, PHSE, team building, careers education, personal finance, Duke of Edinburgh, CCF and a range of other enrichment programmes are being finalised to integrate into the curriculum.


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