School Day and Meals

The school year is 190 days long, divided into blocks of 6 terms.  

The structure of the day is designed to follow the pattern of a business day so therefore students will have the opportunity to design and plan aspects of their working day mirroring the work place. We expect students to aim to arrive between 8am and 8.30am to allow time for pre-lesson social time and to ensure that any delays en route to school do not affect the first lesson which incorporates the first registration of the day. Please see our uniform & make up policy to ensure your son/daughter has the correct attire.


School opens 8:00am
Start of School Day       8:45am                
Lunch 1:00pm
End of School Day 3:00pm

The school closes at 5:30pm every day.

Our school is lucky to have Chef Alex and his wonderful assistant  who serve up healthy cooked meals with salad options every day. Please see the menus below. A main meal is just £2.40. We strongly believe in our learners having a healthy diet to fuel them for the full day. Please try to limit the amounts of sugar to healthy levels, and ensure that sugary soft drinks are not the main form of hydration during the day. Water is freely available in the school.