Inclusion (Pupil Premium, CLA & SEND)

Bath Studio School strives to give young people the opportunity to shine based on their real interests, passions and future goals. Staff have excellent relationships with students based on mutual respect, the tutors and pastoral team assist students with individual learning plans. We have a mentor system which is run by the 6th form prefect team to provide support and ensure every student feels part of the community.

Pupil Premium

The way in which the Pupil Premium is spent is closely monitored and all schools are held to account for the impact of the money spent. At The Bath Studio School, the Pupil Premium is used in order to enhance the life chances of those students who are more disadvantaged by focussing on student progress in literacy, numeracy, IT, engagement in learning and wellbeing.

Pupil Premium 2017 – 18
For the school year 2017/2018, the main Pupil Premium has a value of £935 per eligible student.  This is based on 23 students. Please find further details below..

You can also see the impact of pupil premium money spent on standards from the two documents below (Year 11 Position statement April 2016 & Year 10 Position statement April 2016) which show relative performance of Pupil Premium to other students in the school. These documents capture performance from April 2016.

Scheme of Delegation

The Scheme of Delegation for all academies within the trust can be found at under the Statutory Information section.