The Big Debate

Well, the debate is over - and as you can see it was a great success!

The Prospective parliamentary candidates:

Ben Howlett – Conservative Party

Ben is the Conservative Party Candidate for Bath. He is passionate about championing local issues and believes that Bath requires a strong voice on issues which have been previously ignored. Whether it's the stalling transport system, the standard of care in the RUH, or the amount of school places for children in Bath, Ben knows that we need a local champion who can speak up for our city.

The Conservative party (led by David Cameron) believes in...

  • Reducing the Deficit so we can safeguard our economy for the long term.
  • Cutting Income Tax to help people be more financially secure.
  • Creating more jobs by backing small businesses and enterprise.
  • Capping welfare and reducing immigration.
  • Delivering the best schools and skills for young people

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Steve Bradley – Liberal Democrat Party

Steve Bradley is the Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for Bath. On the top of his agenda is tackling Bath’s transport issues. In 2014 he led a city-wide survey on buses for the Lib Dems, the results of which are being used to seek improvements. He is also passionate about environmental issues, and when not cycling he travels by electric car.

The Liberal Democrat party (led by Nick Clegg) believes in...

  • Replacing council tax with local income tax.
  • Setting minimum wage at the same level for all workers aged over 16.
  • Giving people voting rights from the age of 16.
  • Intergrating health and social care, allowing people to stay in homes for longer.
  • Focusing on treating drug addicts rather than imprisoning them.

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Dominic is the Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Bath. He believes that it is important that the people of Bath are represented by someone who lives and works in their city, understands their issues and concerns, and is in fact one of them. He was elected as a Governor of the Royal United Hospital in Bath and has promised to fight any and all privatisation of the NHS.

The Green Party of England and Wales (led by Natalie Bennett) believes in...

  • Preserving other species to diversify the natural world.
  • Creating a sustainable society to guarantee humanity's long term future.
  • Turning the national minimum wage into a genuine living wage.
  • End factory farming and animal testing.
  • Scrapping university tuition fees.

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Ollie is the Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Bath. He feels passionately about drawing young people into politics, and Labour has now pledged to lower the voting age to 16. He feels that Politics should be about doing all you can to engage and captivate people so that they can feel empowered to get involved in bringing about positive changes.

The Labour party (led by Ed Miliband) believes in...

  • Stopping the price of energy and gas from soaring.
  • Building 200,000 homes a year by 2020.
  • Tackling NHS waiting times.
  • Raising the minimum wage to make the economy stronger.
  • Guaranteeing a job for every young person out of work for more than a year.

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Julian is the Bath Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the UK Independence party. He believes in low tax, preserving our land, personal responsibility and self-government.

The United Kingdom Independence Party (led by Nigel Farage) believes in...

  • Abolishing inheritance tax.
  • Leaving the EU and saving at least £8bn.
  • Removing tuition fees for students taking degrees in Science, Medicine, Technology, Engineering or Maths.
  • Opposing plans to charge patients for visiting their GP.
  • Supporting a simplified and streamlined welfare system.

​...and more! Their website can be found at




The Bath Chronicle ( writes:

"A pioneering school in Bath is hosting a debate between all the city's prospective parliamentary candidates later this month.

Bath Studio School has invited all five local PPCs - including the Green Party's candidate - to the debate on November 19.

Principal Colin Cattanach said the hustings will be held in the school's television studio and broadcast live on its YouTube channel starting at 7.30pm."

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